Over $70 Million Invested in Three World Class Treatment Centers




       Much More than Recovery


The John Volken Academy is a long-term residential drug and alcohol treatment center for young men and women aged 19-34 that goes far beyond other treatment centers. Our residents completely overcome their addictions, as well as further their education, receive extensive career training, and adopt healthy new life-styles. They gain all the tools they need for a happy and successful life of sobriety – for life!

We believe in God, and in being subject to the law and the appropriate authorities. We uphold the dignity of each individual.
We believe in humility, forgiveness, accountability, learning, responsibility, service, and self-sufficiency
To be a world leader in providing the most effective and most affordable addiction recovery treatment teaching relevant life and job skills instilling in each of our students the desire to always be the best that they can be, for themselves, for their families, and for their community.

Young adults who qualify for our program
receive a grant to cover 100% of the Program.

(except for a one-time administrative in-take fee)

The grant is paid for
by private charitable foundations, by friends of the Academy, and by supporting businesses.