Program Overview

The John Volken Academy Program is modeled after the therapeutic community approach to addiction treatment, providing students with healthy life-style changes needed to live successful and sober lives – forever! The Program is overseen by a Senior Program Director who has a degree in psychology, is supported by a board of directors, and receives consultation from addiction professionals and healthy-living specialists. Combining the therapeutic community approach with professional guidance makes this Program extremely effective and truly life-changing.

During the Program, students progress through six levels of advancement towards graduation. They are closely monitored and consistently receive feedback from their peers, senior managers, and the Program Director. Each new level requires a higher standard of performance. Before advancing to the next level, students must perform to the requirement of that new level. This motivates students to continue striving for higher goals. As they progress, students are provided with increased opportunities, responsibilities, leadership positions, and privileges. All students are encouraged to stay at the Academy until they have acquired all the tools needed to live a successful sober life.

Every day at the John Volken Academy students practice healthy living. This is often a challenge, as changing a negative life-style into a healthy one is not easy. Our students get up at 6 am Monday to Saturday and have a healthy breakfast, followed by chores and motivational group sessions. From 8 am to 9 pm they attend the Life-Skills Training Center (LTC). This time is spent in career training, group sessions, community activities, and various personal development sessions. Students enjoy healthy meals 3 times a day, as well as 2 snacks. They normally share accommodations, with 1 to 3 students per room, depending on their level in the program. Quiet time for reading and letter writing is between 10 – 11 pm, with lights out at 11. Sundays are for personal and spiritual growth, reflection, approved visits, and outings.

Our students are kept busy 24/7. They are constantly observing, learning, and being encouraged and taught to become the best that they can be. And with patience and know-how, lives are being changed.

“…I had to change my behaviours completely. It was a struggle that I overcame daily. With the help, guidance and love of the John Volken Academy staff I finally changed my way of thinking. Responsibility became a virtue, caring for others my new way of life. I have become a man that can be trusted, relied upon, and will continue to become the man I was intended by God to be.”

Steve S.

“I was on a path to a quick death… it was early in my program that I learned my old ways would not be tolerated… the John Volken Academy has given me a new life and given me my family back.”

Daniel F.