Let us help you in your battle against addiction and become our next success story!

“When I came in to the John Volken Academy I was a complete mess. I could not sit still, nor could I think straight… to my surprise I was accepted. The staff at the John Volken Academy saw something in me I did not even see in myself. They saw a desire to change and a leadership ability I did not know I had. After several months I started to believe the encouraging words the John Volken Academy staff provided. I feel they have groomed me into a great leader… completing this program will be the first thing I have seen through to the end. I look forward to continuing to be an example for others. I now believe I have a lot to offer those going through similar struggles and that if I can turn my life around anybody can…”

Grady W.

“…I had to change my behaviours completely. It was a struggle that I overcame daily. With the help, guidance and love of the John Volken Academy staff I finally changed my way of thinking. Responsibility became a virtue, caring for others my new way of life. I have become a man that can be trusted, relied upon, and will continue to become the man I was intended by God to be.”

Steve S.

“Most of my family knew the path I was headed down led to imminent death. Without John Volken Academy and all the great people involved I would never have made it. The John Volken Academy has saved my life.”

Travis B.

“Thank you for the opportunity to become the responsible, accountable man I never thought I would be. The John Volken Academy has helped me stand up on my own two feet, and helped me rebuild a relationship with my family… I am a good man now and thanks to you I will triumph in life.”

Brandon F.

“My choice to come to the John Volken Academy was a difficult one, but turned out to be the best thing for me. I am optimistic of my future relationships and my ability to overcome life’s challenges.”

Steve G.

“I couldn’t make enough money to support my drug habit, so I started making money the “easy way” – dealing and stealing. I lost my job, my house, and my family.I ended up in jail. I felt there was nothing to live for. There was only more time in jail and there were so-called“programs”. Nothing helped. Living was hell. I wanted to die. The John Volken Academy stopped the downward spiral. Getting back was not easy, in fact it was a struggle, but I made it. I have two children that have…”

Michael B.

“Thank you for providing this life-changing opportunity for myself and the thousands… You believed in me when others counted me out. The John Volken Academy has prepared me for everything life can and will throw at me.”

Nick R.

“I never realized how great life can be without the use of drugs or alcohol… I owe all this to the John Volken Academy… It’s an absolutely amazing opportunity that you have given us… I’ve gone to other recovery places in the past, but the John Volken Academy is the only one that has everything that is needed to totally change my life… I will be able to accomplish anything that is set out in front of me…”

Darren T.

“I was nothing more than a strung out dope fiend. I was a lost, broken, hopeless child. But thanks to you and the John Volken Academy family I am a respectable, proud productive man… I have greatly exceeded… the John Volken Academy is more than other programs (I know because I have been in multiple). This is the only program that can take what society, courts, or the community would consider the worst of the worst, the unfixable ones, or “the lost causes” (all classifications I met I might…”

Joe W.

“Thank you for providing this life-changing opportunity for myself and the thousands… You believed in me when others counted me out. The John Volken Academy has prepared me for everything life can and will throw at me.”

Nick R.

“Before arriving at John Volken Academy I had tried and failed at many recovery centres. This program has changed my thinking, attitude and behaviour. I’m a different person. Words are difficult to use to describe how I truly feel about the John Volken Academy.. I am blessed.”

Don A.

“When I came in to this program I was scared and ignorant. I had no motivation to do anything with my life. I tried a $20,000 program that was 45 days long, hoping it would break the chains. I was naive and foolish. Within 45 days of graduating the program, I realized it wasn’t just the drugs that needed change. I thought the second time around that it could be done in 30 days. It scares me to think of where I would be if I had not come to the John Volken Academy. Chances are, I’d be in full-blown addiction, jail, or I would be dead. This is the reality of where my life was going. Luckily, I found my way into this program. I realize now how it was not just my drug use, but my patterns of thoughts and actions. I thank God every day for helping me to find the John Volken Academy.”

Josh S.

“If I was to continue on the same path I would surely be dead or in jail. John Volken Academy has allowed me to break my addiction cycle and to live a clean and sober life… be successful at work, at home, and the community… freedom from addiction has no price… I am so grateful to all the people involved with the John Volken Academy. I am in the John Volken Academy’s debt.”

James S.

Coming to the John Volken Academy was the defining moment of my life. I am blown away by the changes in my life. The anxiety that I have felt for most of my life has disappeared… the hole I’ve always felt inside of me, that I’ve always tried to fill with drugs and alcohol, has finally been filled. For the first time I am feeling like a complete person. I have renewed my faith in God and myself. What a gift you and the John Volken Academy have given me, John. Enthusiasm for life. I thank you with all my heart.”

Scott D.

” I had tried other rehabilitation centers but I relapsed every time. Now, I have learned how to handle life’s challenges without resorting to drugs, quitting, or blaming others. In my 29 years it’s been the best thing I have ever done. Deep inside of me, where before there was nothing but ups and downs and emotional chaos, there is now inner peace and tranquility.”

Kyle B.

“The person I had become because of drugs was someone who felt empty inside and disconnected from everyone I cared for and loved. The feeling I felt was so dark and evil that I can’t explain it in words. It was such a sick, empty, hollow feeling. The John Volken Academy has changed everything for me… I truly know I will live a life of sobriety… my family is so proud of me… they can’t believe how strong I have become.”

Cathy J.

“I would like to thank you for this second chance at life… I have learned how to do things differently.”

Voitek B.

“My journey at the John Volken Academy has been amazing! Looking back at my past life, the progress I have made almost seems unreal… the John Volken Academy gave me my life back. I am forever grateful.”

Reese F.

“I can’t thank you enough for what this wonderful program has done for me… I know I was hard to turn around at first… I was a selfish boy and have since evolved into a caring man.”

Dylan V.

“I destroyed my life mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and socially – I had destroyed it in every way… the John Volken Academy changed all that… I can never repay you…”

John S.

“When I came to the John Volken Academy I was broken… now I feel invigorated and empowered to do anything that I decide to do that is right.”

Austin R.

“I was on a path to a quick death… it was early in my program that I learned my old ways would not be tolerated… the John Volken Academy has given me a new life and given me my family back.”

Daniel F.

“Before coming to the John Volken Academy, my life was a mess. As a heroin addict, I would wake up every morning in pain, drenched in sweat, alone… I grew up in a family with good, strong morals, yet I lost mine while living in this world of darkness… my life has a purpose now. I have learned to have a good time without the use of drugs and alcohol.”

Jordan P.

“I cannot elaborate enough on the fact that my life was saved from what would have been a short miserable life. Not long ago I was living a life completely dependent on heroin. And even though it was only a short time ago, in the grand scheme of things I feel like it was a lifetime ago. I don’t know the person I was before at all. I have made a complete transformation… even the way I think about things is different.”

Nate D.

“I can’t even put into words what the program has done for me and my family. My life has been saved…”

Kelly D.

“Before I came to the John Volken Academy I had determined that my life was hopeless and that I would die addicted to heroin. My ways had not only destroyed me, but my family as well… today, I am 100% different. Before I felt hopeless and today I want to preach to the world that true recovery is attainable…”

Frank G.

“I am so grateful and honored to be a graduate of the John Volken Academy. It has been an incredible journey that changed my life.”

Meghan S.

“The consequences of the choices that I had been making somehow convinced me that I no longer had any choices, that I was just an addict. Today I know that that is not true. I have learned indispensible leadership skills, emotional awareness, self-control, and most importantly, forgiveness, for myself and others. “

Peter H.