It was Easter afternoon and we all decided to load up in the van and take a trip to the graveyard. It wasn’t just any graveyard though; it was where the tomb of Jimmy Hendrix was located, one of the world’s biggest rock stars! Excitement filled the air on the trip over but as we arrived at the site a solemn mood eased its way in. There were three pillars, filled with Hendrix’s face and lyrics, which surrounded an altar in the middle. In the grass around the tomb were headstones placed above each of the deceased Hendrix family members. Everything was intricately carved out of marble, showing that time, effort, and care was put into it; a tomb most fit for a rock a legend.

Each of the carved faces of Jimmy had several lipstick stained kisses and there were guitar picks lying about all around the grave; clearly he still makes an impression on the world today, musicians and ladies alike. Rock on Jimmy Hendrix, your music remains to inspire and touch the hearts of today; an event definitely worthy of your bucket list!

By Brandon